The Government of India in the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (Department of Health) have given a total grant of Rupees 16,01,371.55 to the Vishwayatan Yogashram, New Delhi, from the year 1969 to 31-12-1975 through the Central Council for Research in Indian Medicine and Homeopathy for running a Clinical Research Unit (Yoga). Subsequently, a Central Research Institute (Yoga) was established as a registered society in the Yogashram with effect from the 1st January, 1976 to study the effects of yoga in various diseases like diabetes, asthma, etc. and to study the effects of yogic kriyas on various organs of healthy persons. A sum of Rs. 10,40,000 was given as grant-in-aid to the Central Research Institute during the period from 1-1-1976 to 31-3-1977. Shri Dhirendra Brahamachari was Managing Trustee of the Vishwayatan Yogashram and Director of the Central Research Institute for Yoga. Consequent on an inquiry into the utilisation of the funds sanctioned to the Clinical Research Unit (Yoga) at the Vishwavatan Yogashram and later to the Central Research institute (Yoga), New Delhi, it has been found that the money given as grant-in-aid has been systematically siphoned away by falsificaton of accounts by the Managing Trustee of the Yogashram and Director of the Central Research Institute (Yoga) by adopting the following methods:—

(i) non-maintenance of full particulars and accounts of costly scientific instruments, apparatus, and equipments said to have been purchased from time to time and declaring the assets under arbitrary classification at a value not verifiable by the Auditors;

(ii) charging depreciation on assets at undisclosed rates and not enabling the Auditors to verify the correctness of the depreciation charged on any item;

(iii) not carrying out physical verification of the assets in any year to ensure that the assets were physically present and were approximately of the declared value; and

(iv) creation of buildings and assets of doubtful value by fictitious transfers. Even in relation to the grants given by the Ministry of Education and Social Welfare to the Yogashram, there have been adverse audit comments. Further, the land given to the Vishwayatan Yogashram near New Delhi G.P.O., New Delhi, by the Ministry of Works and Housing has not been put to proper use. In these circumstances, it has been considered necessary both in the public interest as well as to secure proper management that the management of the Vishwayatan Yogashram as well as the management of the Central Research Institute (Yoga) be taken over by the Central; Government initially for a period of two years with powers to extend the period up to an aggregate period of five years. As Parliament was not in session, it was considered expedient in the public interest to promulgate an Ordinance viz. "The Yoga Undertakings (Taking Over of Management)Ordinance 1977—No. 8 of 1977" for taking over of the management of the Vishwayatan Yogashram and its Centre at Katra Vaishnodevi and Central Research institute (Yoga) and appointment of an Administrator thereof. The Government of India are now taking steps to accelerate the research programme in the yoga system in the abovementioned Institutes on sound footings and to provide efficient medical aid to the public in the yoga system. The Bill is intended to achieve these objectives and to replace the Ordinance. —Gaz of Ind., 22- 6-1977, Pt. II, S. 2, Ext., p. 306.

An Act to provide for the taking over of the management of the undertakings of the two Yoga Societies for a limited period in the public interest and in order to secure the proper management thereof and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. BE it enacted by Parliament in the Twenty-eighth Year of the Republic of India as follows:—

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