Section 25   [ View Judgements ]

Acquisition proceedings

(1) For the purpose of acquiring such land, or rights in or over such land,-

(a) the Collector shall be deemed to be a Collector, proceeding under the Land Acquisition Act, 1894 (1 of 1894);

(b) the claimant shall be deemed to be a person interested and appearing before him in pursuance of a notice given under section 9 of that Act;

(c) the provisions of the sections, preceding section 9 of that Act, shall be deemed to have been complied with;

(d) where the claimant does not accept the award made in his favour in the matter of compensation, he shall be deemed, within the meaning of section 18 of that Act, to be a person interested who has not accepted the award, and shall be entitled to proceed to claim relief against the award under the provisions of Part III of that Act;

(e) the Collector, with the consent of the claimant, or the court, with the consent of both the parties, may award compensation in land or money or partly in land and partly in money; and

(f) in the case of the stoppage of a public way or a common pasture, the Collector may, with the previous sanction of the State Government, provide for an alternative public way or common pasture, as far as may be practicable or convenient.

(2) The acquisition under this Act of any land or interest therein shall be deemed to be acquisition for a public purpose.

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