Section 6   [ View Judgements ]


(1) No person shall sell, or offer or expose for sale, or have in his possession for the purposes of sale, any matches made with white phosphorus.

(2) Any person who contravenes the provisions of sub-section (1) may, on complaint to a Presidency Magistrate, Sub-divisional Magistrate or Magistrate of the first class, be ordered to forfeit any such matches in his possession and any matches so forfeited shall be destroyed or otherwise dealt with as the Magistrate may direct.


STATE AMENDMENT Manipur In its application to the Dominion Reserves in the former Native State of Manipur, in subsection (2) of S. 6, omit the words "Presidency Magistrate"—See Manipur (D. R.) A.L.O., 1948, published in Gaz. of Ind., 1949, Pt. I, Ext., p. 2015.

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