RULE 3 Standards of meters and places where they are to be affixed

(1) For the purposes of measuring and recording the quantity of water consumed, every consumer shall affix water meters, venturi meters or Orifice meters with integrators and recorders in conformity with the standards laid down by the Indian Standards Institution and where no standards have been laid down by that institution in conformity with such standards as may be specified by the Board.

(2) Wherever the meters referred to in sub-section (1), are not available, the consumer shall install Vee notches or rectangular notches, with indicators and recorders or pressure gauges and pumping installations, after obtaining the permission of assessing authority.

(3) Every consumer shall provide a separate meter for assessing the quantity of water used for each of the fourpurposes mentioned in column (1) of Schedule II to the Act.

(4) The meters shall be affixed at the entrance of the water supply connections with the premises of the consumer or at any other place to be approved by the assessing authority, so that such meters are easily accessible for inspection and maintenance and for other purposes of the Act: Provided that the place where the meter is affixed shall,-in no case, be at a point before which water has been tapped by the consumer for utilisation for any purpose whatsoever.

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