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Section 2   [ View Judgements ]


In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires,-

(a) 'hotel' includes a refreshment room, a boarding-house, a lodging house, a coffee house and a cafe;

(b) 'place' includes a house, a building, a tent, and a vessel:

(c) 'place of public entertainment' includes any place to which the public are admitted and in which an entertainment is provided or held.

Explanation.- 'Entertainment' includes any exhibition, performance, game, sport and any other form of amusement;

(d) 'place of public worship' means a place, by whatever name known, which is used as a place of public religious worship or which is dedicated generally to, or is used generally by, persons professing any religion or belonging to any religious denomination or any section thereof, for the performance of any religious service, or for offering prayers therein; and includes all lands and subsidiary shrines appurtenant or attached to any such place;

(e) 'shop' means any premises where goods are sold either wholesale or by retail or both wholesale and by retail and includes a laundry, a hair cutting saloon and any other place where services are rendered to customers.

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