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Amendment in regulation 6

In the said regulations, for regulation 6, the following regulation shall be substituted, namely:-

"6 Leave:-(1) A person who, immediately before the date of assuming office as the Chairman or a Member, was in service of Government may be granted during his tenure of office but not thereafter, leave in accordance with the rules for the time being applicable to the service to which he belonged before ' such date, and he shall be entitled to carry forward the amount of leave standing at his credit on such date notwithstanding anything contained in regulation 8.

(2) Any other person who is appointed as the Chairman or a Member may be granted leave in accordance with such rules as are for the time being applicable to a member of the Indian Administrative Service.

(3) The power to grant or refuse leave to the Chairman or a Member and to revoke or curtail leave granted to him, shall vest in the President".

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