Section Title
  1. Short title and commencement
  2. Definitions
  3. Principal place of business in India
  4. Appropriate office of the Trade Marks Registry
  5. Jurisdiction of appropriate office not altered by change in the principal place of business or address for service
  6. Entry of the appropriate office in the register
  7. Transfer of pending applications and proceedings to appropriate offices of the trade marks registry
  8. Leaving of documents, etc
  9. Documents etc. filed or left not at the appropriate office
  10. Issue of notices etc
  11. Fees
  12. Forms
  13. Size, etc. of documents
  14. Signing of documents
  15. Service of documents
  16. Particulars of address of applicants and other persons
  17. Statement of principal place of business in India in an application
  18. Address for service
  19. Address for service in application and opposition proceedings
  20. Non-availability of an address for service
  21. Agency
  22. Classification of goods and services
  23. Preliminary advice by Registrar as to distinctiveness
  24. Request to Registrar for search
  25. Form and signing of application
  26. Application under convention arrangement
  27. Statement of user in applications
  28. Representation of mark
  29. Additional representations
  30. Representations to be durable and satisfactory
  31. Series trade marks
  32. Request for search of a company name
  33. Transliteration and translation
  34. Names and representations of living persons or persons recently dead
  35. Name or description of goods or services on a trade mark
  36. Deficiencies
  37. Acknowledgement and Search
  38. Expedited examination/ objection to acceptance, hearing
  39. Notice of withdrawal of application for registration
  40. Decision of Registrar
  41. Correction and amendment of application
  42. Withdrawal of acceptance by the Registrar
  43. Manner of Advertisement
  44. Advertisement of series
  45. Notification of correction or amendment of application
  46. Request to Registrar for particulars of advertisement of a mark
  47. Notice of Opposition
  48. Requirements of notice of Opposition
  49. Counterstatement
  50. Evidence in support of opposition
  51. Evidence in support of application
  52. Evidence in reply by opponent
  53. Further evidence
  54. Exhibits
  55. Translation of documents
  56. Hearing and decision
  57. Security for costs
  58. Procedure for giving notice
  59. Entry in the Register
  60. Associated marks
  61. Death of applicant before registration
  62. Certificate of registration
  63. Renewal of registration
  64. Notice before removal of trade mark from register
  65. Advertisement of removal of trade mark from the register
  66. Restoration and renewal of registration
  67. Notice and advertisement of renewal and restoration
  68. Application for entry of assignment or transmission
  69. Particulars to be stated in application
  70. Case accompanying application
  71. Proof of title
  72. Impounding of Instruments
  73. Assignments involving transmission of moneys outside India
  74. Application for Registrar's direction as to advertisement of an assignment of a trade mark without goodwill of the business
  75. Application for entry of assignment without goodwill
  76. Separate registration
  77. Registrar's certificate or approval as to certain assignment and transmissions
  78. Entry in register, of particulars of assignment
  79. Registration of assignment to a company under section 46
  80. Application for registration as registered user
  81. Particulars to be stated in the agreement
  82. Consideration by the Registrar
  83. Hearing before refusing an application or to accept it conditionally
  84. Entry in the register
  85. Registration not to imply authorisation to transmit money outside India
  86. Notification of registration as registered user
  87. Registered proprietor's application to vary entry
  88. Cancellation of registration of registered user
  89. Power of the Registrar to call for information with respect to registered user
  90. Procedure on application to vary entry or cancel registration
  91. Registered user's application
  92. Application to rectify or remove a trade mark from the register
  93. Further procedure
  94. Intervention by third parties
  95. Rectification of the register by the Registrar of his own motion
  96. Alteration of address in register
  97. Application for correction of register
  98. Alteration of registered trade mark
  99. Advertisement before decision and opposition etc
  100. Decision, Advertisement, Notification
  101. Re-classification in respect of existing registration
  102. Refusal or invalidation of registration of a trade mark conflicting with a geographical indication
  103. Single application under sub-section (2) of section 18
  104. Divisional Application
  105. Extension of time
  106. Exercise of discretionary power of Registrar
  107. Notification of decision
  108. Amendments and correction of irregularity in procedure
  109. Directions not otherwise prescribed
  110. Opinion of the Registrar under section 115(4)
  111. Hearings
  112. Costs in uncontested cases
  113. Exception to rule 112
  114. Scale of costs
  115. Application for review of Registrar's decision
  116. Form, etc., of Affidavits
  117. Inspection of documents
  118. Distribution of copies of Journal and other documents
  119. Certified copies of documents
  120. Certificate for use in obtaining registration abroad
  121. Power of Registrar to notify International Non-proprietary names
  122. Time for appeal
  123. Service to the Registrar
  124. Certificate of validity to be noted
  125. Return of exhibits
  126. Destruction of records
  127. Rules to apply to collective marks
  128. Application for registration and proceedings relating thereto
  129. Case accompanying application
  130. Examination and Hearing
  131. Opposition to registration of collective marks
  Amendment of regulations relating to collective marks and renewal
  133. Removal of collective mark
  134. Rules to apply to certification trade marks
  135. Application for registration and proceedings relating thereto
  136. Statement of case accompanying application
  137. Hearing by the Registrar before refusing an application or to accept it conditionally
  138. Opposition to registration of certification trade mark and renewal
  139. Rectification of certification trade mark
  140. Alteration of deposited regulations and consent of the Registrar for assignment or transmission of certification trade marks
  140. Alteration of deposited regulations and consent of the Registrar for assignment or transmission of certification trade marks
  141. Definitions
  142. Rules to apply to textile marks
  143. Textile Marks
  144. Textile Goods
  145. Application to register letters or numerals or any combination thereof in respect of items of textile goods
  146. Non-registrability of certain marks
  147. Marks likely to deceive or cause confusion
  148. Register of trade marks agents
  149. Registration of existing registered trade marks agents, code of conduct etc
  150. Qualifications for registration
  151. Person debarred from registration
  152. Manner of making application
  153. Application for registration as a trade marks agent
  154. Procedure on application and qualifying requirements
  155. Certificate of registration
  156. Continuance of a name in the register of trade marks agents
  157. Removal of agents name from the register of trade marks agents
  158. Power of Registrar to refuse to deal with certain agents
  159. Restoration of removed names
  160. Alteration in the register of trade marks agents
  161. Publication of the register of trade marks agents
  162. Appeal
  163. Definitions
  164. Testing for length and width of piece-goods
  165. Allowances for peculiarities of cloth and for stretching
  166. Testing of yams
  167. Number of samples to be selected
  168. Further testing
  169. Manner of selection and testing of Samples
  170. Stove Test
  171. Place of testing
  172. Security
  173. Piece-goods
  174. Stamping of piece-goods
  175. Cases where requirement as to stamping may be waived
  176. Nature of stamping required
  177. Languages and numerals to be used for marking
  178. Indications of weight, length, name of manufacturer etc
  179. Manner of marking cotton yam and cotton thread
  180. Marking of cover
  181. Markings to be clear and distinct
  182. Manner of expressing count of cotton-yarn
  183. Indication of other particulars
  184. Exemptions
  185. Repeal

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