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Certain provisions of the Tripura Sale Tax Act, 1976 applicable

(1) Subject to the other provisions of this Act and the Rules made thereunder, the authorities for the time being empowered to assess, re-assess, collect and enforce payment of any tax under Tripura Sales Tax act, 1976 shall assess, re-assess, collect and enforce payment of tax including interest, or penalty payable by such dealer under this Act as if the tax or interest or penalty payable under the Tripura Sales Tax Act, 1976 and for this purpose they may exercise all or any of the powers they have nunder the Tripura Sales Tax Act, and the provisitions of the Tripura Sales Tax Act relating to returns assesment, re-assesment, rectifition, colection, forfeiture, registration of the transferee of any dealer liable to pay tax un der this Act ,imposition of the tax liability of a dealer on the transferee of or successor to, such dealer, transfer of liability of any firm or Hindu undivided family to pay tax in the event of the dissolution of such firm or partition of such family, special mode of recovery of tax, appeals, revisions, referances, refunds, fines, penalties charging or payment of interest, compoundnig of offences and the treatment of documents furnished by a dealer as confidential, shall mutatis mutandis apply accordingly .

(2) All the provitions relating to offence and penalties ( including provitions relating to penalties in lieu of prosecution or an offence or in addition to the penalties or punishment for an offence) of the Tripura Sales Tax Act shall mutatis mutandis, apply in relation to the assessment, re-assessment, collection, and the enforcement of payament of tax requireo to be collected under this Act or in relation to any process connected with such assessment re-assessment, collection, or enforcement, of payment as if the tax payable under this Act were the tax payable under the Tripura Sales Tax Act, 1976.


1. The Tripura Additional Sale Tax (Amendment) Act, 1994, w.e.f. 5.11.1994.

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