(1) A member of the Board or any Committee other than a Government servant, shall be entitled to draw, in respect of any journey performed by him for the purpose of attending a meeting of the Board or of a duly constituted Committee thereof or for the purpose of discharging any duty assigned to him by the Board or the Committee concerned, travelling allowances and daily allowances at the highest rates as admissible to the officials of the Government Undertakings (Category 'A') for the time being in force.

(2) In case of any journey performed by an official of the Central or the State Government especially nominated by the Board to serve on any ad hoc Committee or any other Committee or to attend to any other business of the Board, the Travelling and Daily Allowances admissible to him shall be payable by the Board, at rates admissible to him under the rules of the Government under which he is for the time being employed.

(3) No Travelling Allowance or Daily Allowance shall be allowed to a member of the Board or of any Committee unless he certifies that he has not drawn any Travelling or Daily Allowance from any other source in respect of the journey and halt for which the claim is made.

(4) Travelling Allowance shall be payable from the usual place of residence of Member of the Board or any of the Committees to the place of the meeting or the place where he has gone to attend to any business of the Board and back to his place of residence :

Provided that when the journey commences from or the return journey terminates at any other place the Travelling Allowances shall be limited to the amount that would have been payable had the journey commenced from or terminated at the usual place of residence, or to the amount payable in respect of the actual journey undertaken whichever is less : Provided further that in special circumstances the Chairperson may grant Travelling Allowance from places other than the usual place of residence of a member.

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