The Chairperson shall

(1) be responsible for the proper functioning of the Board and the committees thereof and the implementation of the decisions arrived at by the Board or by the committee and the discharge of duties imposed on him by these rules under the provisions of the Act,

(2) exercise such supervisory and administrative control over all officers and staff of the Board as may be necessary for efficient discharge of functions under the Act,

(3) require the Board or any committee thereof to defer taking action in pursuance of any decision taken by the Board, pending a reference to the Central Government on such decision;

(4) take decision on urgent matters that cannot await disposal by the Board and such decisions shall be put up to the Board for approval at its next meeting: Provided that where the Board modifies or reverses the decision taken by the Chairperson, such modification or reversion shall be without prejudice to the validity of any action taken before such modification or reversion.

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