Section 7   [ View Judgements ]

Substitution of Section 41.

For Section 41 of the principal Act, the following Section shall be substituted, namely:—

"41 Authority to decide Questions of disqualification or cessation of members.—

(1) If any question arises as to whether any person who has been elected as a member of a panchayat or who becomes a member of a panchayat is not g qualified or has become disqualified under Section 33 or Section 34 or Section 35 or sub-section (3) of Section 38 or 38-A or cessation under Section 40, the question shall be referred by the Inspector to the Government whose decision shall be final.

(2) Before taking any such decision on such question, the Government shall obtain the opinion of the Tamil Nadu State Election Commission and shallact according to such opinion".

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