Section 4   [ View Judgements ]

Power to prohibit objectionable performances temporarily.

(1) The Commissioner of Police in the Presidency town or the District Collector elsewhere may, if he is of opinion that any play, pantomime or other drama performed or about to be performed, being of the nature specified in section 2, is likely to lead to a breach of the peace, by order stating the grounds for such opinion, prohibit its performance:

Provided that the officer who passed such order may review it on an application made by the person or party affected by such order.

(2) Subject to any order made by the Court on appeal under section 10, an order under this section shall remain in force for two months from the making thereof:

Provided that the Commissioner of Police or the District Collector, as the case may be, may, if he is of opinion that the order should continue in force, by such further order or orders as he may deem fit, extend the period aforesaid by such further period or periods not exceeding two months at a time as may be specified in such order or orders.

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