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In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires –

(1) “Objectionable performance” means any play, pantomime or other drama which is likely to –

(i) incite any person to resort to violence or subotage of the purpose of overthrowing or undermining the Government established by law in India or in any State thereof or its authority in any area: or

(ii) incite any person to commit murder, sabotage or any offence involving violence: or

(iii) seduce any member of any of the armed forces of the Union or of the police forces from his allegiance or his duty, or prejudice the recruiting of persons to serve in any such force or prejudice the discipline of any such force; or

(iv) incite any section of the citizens of India to acts of violence against any other section of the citizens of India; or which –

(v) is deliberately intended to outrage the religious feelings of any class of the citizens of India by insulting or blaspheming or profaning the religion or the religious beliefs of that class; or

Tamil Nadu Dramatic Performances (Amendment) Act, 1979 (Tamil Nadu Act 19 of 1979) [(vi) is grossly indecent, or is scurrilous or obscene or intended for blackmail; and includes any indecent or obscene dance.]

Explanation I – A performance shall not be deemed to be objectionable merely because in the course thereof words are uttered, or signs or visible representations are made, expressing disapprobation or criticism of any law or of any policy or administrative action of the Government with a view to obtain its alteration or redress by lawful means.

Tamil Nadu Act 19 of 1979 [Explanation I-A – The expression ‘play, pantomime or other drama’ shall include dance whether or not such dance forms part of such play, pantomime or other drama].

Explanation II – In judging whether any performance is an objectionable performance, the play, pantomime or other drama shall be considered as a whole.

(2) “public place” means any building or enclosure, or any place in the open air and any pandal where the sides are not enclosed to which the public are admitted to witness a performance.

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