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In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires, -

(1) "attendance at an elementary school" means presence for

instruction at an elementary school for such number of days, and on such

days in a year, and at such time or times on each day of attendance, as

may be prescribed;

(2) "competent authority" means the competent authority appointed by the Government under Section 6;

(3) "elementary education" means education in such subjects and upto such standard as may be prescribed;

(4) "elementary school" means a school recognised as an elementary school by the competent authority and includes any elementary school in existence on the date of commencement of this Act which has been recognised as such by the Director of Elementary Education or by any authority of the Education Department;

(5) "Government" means the State Government;

(6) "guardian" means by person to whom the care, nurture or custody of any child falls by law or by natural right or by recognised usage, or who has accepted or assumed the care, nurture or custody of any child or to whom the care, nurture or custody of any child has been entrusted by any lawful authority;

(7) "parent" means the father or mother of a child and includes an adopted father or mother;

(8) "school age" in relation to a child means such age as may be prescribed;

(9) "year" means the academic year commencing on the 1st day of June.

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