Section 10   [ View Judgements ]

Coffee not to be carried without permission of owner or agent

No person shall carry or remove coffee from any coffee estate, premises or place, or upon any road, highway or footway, without the express permission of the owner or of his authorized agent.

Such permission shall be in writing, dated and signed by the said owner or his authorized agent, and shall contain the following particulars. –

(a) the quantity of the coffee to be carried or removed;

(b) the number, description and marks of the packages in which coffee is secured;

(c) the place or destination to which the coffee is to be carried or removed; and

(d) the names of the consignor and consignee.

Any person committing any breach of the provisions of this section shall, on conviction by a Magistrate, be liable to pay a fine not exceeding five hundred rupees.


S.10. If the owner had given his permission in express terms the person carrying the coffee cannot be convicted only on the ground that the permit given under S.10 is not in the prescribed form. It is the mistake of the owner and not that of the person who was carrying coffee. – (1945) 1 MLJ 424.

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