Section 5   [ View Judgements ]

Procedure for determining the amount.

(i) Immediately after the publication of the notice under sub-section (1) of section 4 of the Act in the District Gazette by the District Collector, the Prescribed authority shall serve a notice in Form III to the owner and to all persons interested to appear before him on a day to be specified which shall not be earlier than fifteen days after the publication of notice under sub-section (1) of section 4 of the Act for inquiry. The notice shall also be displayed at prominent places or near the land under acquisition.

(ii) On the day specified or on any other day to which the enquiry is to be adjourned, the prescribed authority shall proceed to inquire into the objections which the owner or any person or persons interested may raise in regard to the extent, value of the land and the nature of interest of the different claimants to the land and shall determine by order which shall be in Form IV under his hand of (a) the true owner of the land; (b) market value of the land and solatium; and (c) the apportionment of the amount payable among all the persons known or believed to be interested in the land of whom or of whose claims he has information, whether or not they have appeared before him. The prescribed authority shall specifically the particulars of apportionment wherever necessary.

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