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Constituency Allowance and Amenities

A member shall be entitled to such constituency allowance [2] Office Expense Allowance and to such medical facilities for himself and for members of his family and to such housing, telephone, water, electricity facilities or such amount in case in lieu of all or any of such facilities, as may be prescribed by rules under section 9.

[3] Provided that where the House of the People is sooner dissolved before completing five years from the date appointed for its first meeting, the Member of such House may be allowed without payment, to such extent of the quota of free telephone calls or free units of electricity or free units in kilolitres of water, available to him for a year in which such dissolution of such House takes place, as remains unutilised on the date of such dissolution, to avail during the period commencing on and from the date of such dissolution and ending on the date immediately preceding the date on which the notification under section 73 of the Representation of the People Act, 1951 has been issued for the constitution of subsequent House of the People subject to the condition that such Member shall be liable to pay for any telephone calls, in excess of the calls so allowed to be made during such period on the telephone provided to him by the Government for such purpose, and units of electricity or kilolitres of water consumed in excess of the free electricity or kilolitres of water allowed:

Provided further that where the Member referred to in the first proviso becomes Member of the subsequent House of the People as referred to be constituted in that proviso, then, he shall be entitled for the adjustment of the excess telephone calls, units of electricity, kilolitres of water for the payment of which he is liable under the first proviso against the quota of free telephone calls, units of electricity and kilolitres of water for which he is entitled during the first year of the duration of such subsequent House of the People.

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