The State Government shall nominate a nodal officer of the level of a Secretary to the Government preferably belonging to the Scheduled Castes or the Scheduled Tribes, for co-ordinating the functioning of the District Magistrates and Superintendent of Police or other officers authorised by them investigating officers and other officers responsible for implementing the provisions of the Act. By the end of the every quarter, the nodal officer shall review,-

(i) the reports received by the State Government under sub-rules (2) and (4) of rule 4-,rule 6-, Cl. (xi) of rule 8-.

(ii) the position of cases registered under the Act;

(iii) law and order situation in the identified area ;

(iv) various kinds of measures adopted for providing immediate relief in cash or kind or both to the victims of atrocity or his or her dependent;

(v) adequacy of immediate facilities like rationing, clothing, shelter, legal aid. travelling allowance, dally allowance and transport facilities provided to the victims of atrocity of his/her dependants ;

(vi) performance of non-Governmental organisations, the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes Protection Cell, various committees and the public servants responsible for implementing the provisions of the Act.

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