(1) An offence committed under the Act shall be investigated by a police officer not below the rank of a Deputy Superintendent of Police. The Investigating officer shall be appointed by the State Government, Director-General of Police, Superintendent of Police after taking into account his pass experience, sense of ability and justice to perceive the implications of the case and investigate it along with right lines within the shortest possible time.

(2) The Investigating officer so appointed under sub-rule (1) shall complete the investigation on top priority within thirty days and submit the report to the Superintendent of Police who in turn will immediately forward the report to the Director-General of Police of the State Government.

(3) The Home Secretary and the Social Welfare Secretary to the State Government, Director of Prosecution the officer-in-charge of Prosecution and the Director-General of Police shall review by the end of every quarter the position of all Investigations done by the investigating officer.

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