(1) The State Government shall prepare a model contingency plan for implementing the provisions of the Act and notify the same in the Official Gazette of the State Government. It should specify the role and responsibility of various departments and their officers at different levels, the role and responsibility of Rural/Urban Local Bodies and Non- Government Organizations. Inter alia this plan shall contain a package of relief measures including the following:

(a) scheme to provide immediate relief in cash or in kind or both;

(b) allotment of agricultural land and house-sites:

(c) the rehabilitation packages ;

(d) scheme for employment In Government or Government under- taking to the dependant or one of the family members of the victim:

(e) pension scheme for widows, dependent children of the deceased, handicapped or old age victims of atrocity;

{f) mandatory compensation for the victims:

(g) scheme for strengthening the socio-economic condition of the victim;

(h) provisions for providing brick/stone masonry house to the victims;

(i) such other elements as health care, supply of essential commodities, electrification, adequate drinking water facility, burial/cremation ground and link, roads to the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes.

(2) The State Government shall forward a copy of the contingency plan or a summary thereof and a copy of the scheme, as soon as may be, to the Central Government in the Ministry of Welfare and to all the District Magistrates, Sub-Divisional Magistrates. Inspectors-General of Police and Superintendents of Police.

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