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Amendment of section 42, Act II of 1934

In section 42 of the principal Act,----

(1) for sub-section (2), the following shall be substituted, namely:----

" (2) Every scheduled bank shall send to the bank a return signed by two responsible officers of such bank showing---

(a) the amount of its demand and time liabilities and the amount of its borrowings from banks in India,

(b) the total amount of legal tender notes and coins held by it in India,

(c) the balance held by it at the Bank in India,

(d) the balances held by it at other banks in current account and the money at call and short notice in India,

(e) the investments (at book value) in Central and State Government securities including treasury bills and treasury deposit receipts.

(f) the amount of advances in India,

(g) the inland bills purchased and discounted in India, at the close of business on each Friday, and every such return shall be sent not later than five days after the date of which it relates;

Provided that where Friday is a public holiday under the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 (XXVI of 1881), for one or more offices of a scheduled bank, the return shall give the preceding working day's figures in respect of such office or offices, but shall nevertheless de deemed to relate to that Friday:

Provided further that where the Bank is satisfied that the furnishing of a weekly return under this sub-section is impracticable in the case of any scheduled bank by reason of the geographical position of the bank and its branches , the Bank may allow such bank---

(I) to furnish a provisional return for the week within the period aforesaid to be followed up by a final return not later than ten days after the date to which it relates, or

(ii) to furnish in lieu of a weekly return a monthly return to be sent not later than fourteen days after the end of the month to which it relates giving the details specified in this sub-section in respect of such bank at the close of business for the month.";

(2) in sub-section (3A), in clause (a) and in the Explanation, the words "managing agent" shall be omitted;

(3) in sub-section (4), for the words "shall be liable to pay to the Central Government or to the Bank, as the case may be, or to each," the words "shall be liable to pay to the Bank" shall be substituted;

(4) in sub-section (5), for the words, brackets and figure "by the Central Government in the case of a failure to make a return under sub-section (2) to the Central Government, or by the Bank with the Previous sanction of the Central Government in other cases", the words "by the Bank" shall be substituted;

(5) in clause (a) of sub--section (6), for the words "in any State of India" and "outside the States of India", the words "in India" and "outside India" shall respectively be substituted;

(6) after sub-section (6), as so amended, the following sub-section shall be inserted, namely:--

"(7) The Bank may, for such period and subject to such conditions as may be specified, grant to any scheduled bank such exemptions from the provisions of this section as it thinks fit with reference to all or any of its offices or with reference to the whole or any part of its assets and liabilities."

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