Section 27   [ View Judgements ]

Penalty for introduction or removal or supply of prohibited articles and communication with youthful offenders

Whoever, contrary to any rule made under section 26, introduces or removes or attempts by any means whatever to introduce or remove it or from any Reformatory School, or supplies or attempts to supply outside the limits of any Reformatory School to any youthful offender under order of detention therein, any prohibited article.

and every officer or person in charge of a Reformatory School who, contrary to any such rule, knowingly suffers any such article to be introduced into or removed form any Reformatory School, to be possessed by any youthful offender detained therein, or to be supplied to any such youthful offender outside its limits,

and whoever, contrary to any such rule, communicates or attempts to communicate with any such youthful offender,

and whoever abets any offence made punishable under this section, shall, on conviction before a Magistrate, be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months, or to fine not exceeding two hundred rupees, or to both.

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