Reformatory Schools Act, 1987

Section Title
  1 Title and extent View Judgements
  2 Repealed View Judgements
  3 Repealed View Judgements
  4 Definitions View Judgements
  5 Power establish and discontinue reformatory schools View Judgements
  6 Requisites of Schools View Judgements
  7 Inspection of Reformatory Schools View Judgements
  8 Power of Courts to direct youthful offenders to be sent to Reformatory Schools View Judgements
  9 Procedure where Magistrate is not empowered to pass an order under section 8 View Judgements
  10 Power of Magistrates to direct boys under fifteen sentenced to imprisonment to be sent to Reformatory Schools View Judgements
  11 Preliminary inquiry and finding as to age of youthful offender View Judgements
  12 Government to determine Reformatory School to which such offenders shall be sent View Judgements
  13 Persons found to be over eighteen years not to be detained in Reformatory Schools View Judgements
  14 Discharge or removal by order of Government View Judgements
  15 Agreement between States View Judgements
  16 Certain orders not subject to appeal or revision View Judgements
  17 Appointment of Superintendent and committee of Visitors or board of Management View Judgements
  18 Superintendent may license youthful offenders to employers of about View Judgements
  19 Cancellation of license View Judgements
  20 Determination of license View Judgements
  21 Cancellation of license in case of ill-treatment View Judgements
  22 Superintendent to be deemed guardian of youthful offenders View Judgements
  23 Duties of Committee of Visitors View Judgements
  24 Powers of Board of Management View Judgements
  25 Power to appoint trustees or other managers of a school to be a Board of Management View Judgements
  26 Power of Board to make rules View Judgements
  27 Penalty for introduction or removal or supply of prohibited articles and communication with youthful offenders View Judgements
  28 Penalty for abetting escape of youthful offender View Judgements
  29 Arrest if escaped youthful offender View Judgements
  30 Application of Act 15 of 1869 to youthful offenders detained in Reformatory Schools View Judgements
  31 Power to deal in other ways with youthful offenders, including girls View Judgements
  32 Procedure when youthful offender under detention in a Reformatory School is again convicted and sentenced View Judgements

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