Section Title
  1 Short title, extent, commencement View Judgements
  2 Application of Act View Judgements
  3 Definitions View Judgements
  4 Preparation of Social Impact Assessment study View Judgements
  5 Public hearing for Social Impact Assessment View Judgements
  6 Publication of Social Impact Assessment study View Judgements
  7 Appraisal of Social Impact Assessment report by an Expert Group View Judgements
  8 Examination of proposals for land acquisition and Social Impact Assessment report by appropriate Government View Judgements
  9 Exemption from Social Impact Assessment View Judgements
  10 Special provision to safeguard food security View Judgements
  11 Publication of preliminary notification and power of officers thereupon View Judgements
  12 Preliminary survey of land and power of officers to carry out survey View Judgements
  13 Payment for damage View Judgements
  14 Lapse of Social Impact Assessment report View Judgements
  15 Hearing of objections View Judgements
  16 Preparation of Rehabilitation and Resettlement Scheme by the Administrator View Judgements
  17 Review of the Rehabilitation and Resettlement Scheme View Judgements
  18 Approved Rehabilitation and Resettlement Scheme to be made public View Judgements
  19 Publication of declaration and summary of Rehabilitation and Resettlement View Judgements
  20 Land to be marked out, measured and planned including marking of specific areas View Judgements
  21 Notice to persons interested View Judgements
  22 Power to require and enforce the making of statements as to names and interests View Judgements
  23 Enquiry and land acquisition award by Collector View Judgements
  24 Land acquisition process under Act No 1 of 1894 shall be deemed to have lapsed in certain cases View Judgements
  25 Period within which an award shall be made View Judgements
  26 Determination of market value of land by Collector View Judgements
  27 Determination of amount of compensation View Judgements
  28 Parameters to be considered by Collector in determination of award View Judgements
  29 Determination of value of things attached to land or building View Judgements
  30 Award of solatium View Judgements
  31 Rehabilitation and Resettlement Award for affected families by Collector View Judgements
  32 Provision of infrastructural amenities in resettlement area View Judgements
  33 Corrections to awards by Collector View Judgements
  34 Adjournment of enquiry View Judgements
  35 Power to summon and enforce attendance of witnesses and production of documents View Judgements
  36 Power to call for records etc. View Judgements
  37 Awards of Collector when to be final View Judgements
  38 Power to take possession of land to be acquired View Judgements
  39 Additional compensation in case of multiple displacements View Judgements
  40 Special powers in case of urgency to acquire land in certain cases View Judgements
  41 Special provisions for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes View Judgements
  42 Reservation and other benefits View Judgements

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