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Statement of Object

Act 47 of 1981-Consequent on the recent incidents of burning of Motor Vehicles, looting, damage of public and private property in Bangalore City and elsewhere and considering the fact that during the last few years agitational methods are being resorted to increasingly by students, labourers, antisocial elements to achieve these objects, it was considered expedient to provide by a separate legislation for deterrent punishment for such offences and to impose a collective fine on the inhabitants or other persons concerned or otherwise involved in their commission and to apportion among them the loss or damage sustained.

The Prevention of Destruction and loss of property Ordinance, 1981 was hence promulgated on 16th June 1981.

The Proposed enactment seeks to replace the Ordinance.

(Published in the Karnataka Gazette (Extraordinary) Part IV- 2A dated 24-6-1981 as No. 474)

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