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Section 4   [ View Judgements ]

Manner of conducting examination and post mortem

(1) The veterinarian or the veterinary officer shall

(a) arrange the examination and post mortem in proper lighting condition and at a secluded place either at the owner's premises or the nearest location, as considered appropriate by the competent officer.

(b) arrange collection of appropriate samples for confirmation of the scheduled notified disease and dispatch the samples to appropriate laboratories.

(c) arrange disposal of carcass as specified in rule 5 of these rules.

(d) arrange disinfection of the premises and the place where post mortem examination was conducted.

(e) provide a copy of the post mortem report to the owner of the animal in Form C, and inform the Director if in the opinion of the Veterinarian or the Veterinary Officer, the death is caused by a scheduled notified disease.

(2) No post mortem shall be conducted when the cause of death is suspected to be Anthrax.

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