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Section 3   [ View Judgements ]

Publication of notification for acquisition

(1) Whenever it appears to the Central Government that it is necessary in the public interest that for the transport of petroleum [1] [or any mineral] from one locality to another locality pipelines may be laid by that Government or by any State Government or a corporation and that for the purpose of laying such pipelines it is necessary it is necessary to acquire the right of user in any land under which such pipelines may be laid, it may, by notification in the Official Gazette, declare its intention to acquire the right of user therein.

(2) Every notification under sub-section (1) shall give a brief description of the land.

(3) The competent authority shall cause the substance of the notification to be published at such places and in such manner as may be prescribed.


1. Inserted by Petroleum Pipelines (Acquisition of Right of User in Land) Amendment Act, 1977.

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