Statement of Object

1. The meeting to launch the Asian and Pacific decade of the Disabled Persons 1993-2002 convened by the Economic and Social Commission for Asian and Pacific region, held at Beijing on 1st to 5th December, 1992 adopted the Proclamation on the Full Participation and Equality of People with Disabilities in the Asia and the Pacific region.

India is a signatory to the said Proclamation and it is necessary to enact a suitable legislation to provide for the following:-

i) to spell out the responsibility of the State towards the prevention of disabilities, protection of rights, provision of medical care, education, training, employment and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities;

ii) to create barrier free environment for persons with disabilities;

iii) to remove any discrimination against persons with disabilities in the sharing of development benefits, vis-a-vis, non-disabled persons;

iv) to counteract any situation of the abuse and the exploitation of persons with disabilities;

v) to lay down strategies for comprehensive development of programmes and services and equalization of opportunities for persons with disabilities; and

vi) to make special provision for the integration of persons with disabilities into the social mainstream.

2. Accordingly, it is proposed to provide inter alia for the constitution of Coordination Committees and Executive Committees at the Central and State levels to carry out the various functions assigned to them.

Within the limits of their economic capacity and development the appropriate Governments and the local authorities will have to undertake various measures for the prevention and early detection of disabilities, creation of barrier free environment, provision for rehabilitation services, etc.

The Bill also provides for education, employment and vocational training, reservation in identified posts, research and manpower development, establishment of homes for persons with severe disabilities, etc.

For effective implementation of the provisions of the Bill, appointment of the Chief Commissioner for persons with disabilities at the Central level and Commissioners for persons with disabilities at the State level clothed with powers to monitor the funds disbursed by the Central and State Governments and also to take steps to safeguard the rights of the persons with disabilities is also envisaged.

3. The Bill seeks to achieve the above objects.

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