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Amendment of section 21

In the principal Act, for section 21, the following 6ection shall be substituted, namely:

21. “Appointment of Officers, teachers and other employees of the University:- (1) Unless otherwise specified in this Act, all officers of the University, shall be appointed by the Vice-Chancellor on the recommendation of a Selection Committee consisting of Director, the Registrar, one member selected by the Syndicate from among themselves and, wherever necessary, two experts appointed by the Vice-Chancellor:

Provided that in respect of the posts fully financed by the University Grants Commission under an approved scheme, the selection of persons for appointment to such posts shall be made in accordance with the specific guidelines, if any, issued by the said Commission.

(2) The teachers of a University shall be appointed by the Syndicate of that University on ;he recommendation of a Selection Committee after scrutinising all the papers concerning the selection.

(5) The Selection Committee referred to in sub-section (2) shall consist of:- (i) the Vice-Chancellor;

(ii) Director;

(iii) three experts selected by the Vice-Chancellor from out of apanel prepared by the

Syndicate of the University; and

(iv) an expert nominated by Chancellor in case of appointed to the post of Professor.

(4) The quorum at a meeting of the Selection Committee shall be four of whom at least two shall be expects including the expert nominated by the Chancellor, if any.

(5) Where the Selection Committee fails to make any specific recommendation or where the Syndicate differs from the recommendation made by the Committee the matter shall be referred to the Chancellor whose decision thereon shall be final.

(6) Subject to the provisions, if any, in the Statures, the employees of a University, other than those specified in the preceding subjections, shall be appointed by the Vice-Chancellor.”

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