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Release from requisition

(1) The Collector may at any time release from requisition, any goods vehicle requisitioned under Section 3 and shall, as far as possible, restore the goods vehicle in as good a condition as it was when possession thereof was taken subject only to the changes caused by reasonable wear and tear.

(2) Where any goods vehicle is to be released from requisition, the Collector may, after such enquiry, if any, as it may in any case consider necessary to make or cause to be made, specify by order in writing to whom possession of the goods vehicle shall be given.

(3) The delivery of possession of the requisitioned goods vehicle to the person specified in the order made under Sub-section (1) shall be a full discharge of the Government from all liabilities in respect of such goods vehicle and the requisition shall be at an end:

Provided that nothing in this section shall prejudice any rights in respect of the goods vehicle which any other person may be entitled to, by due process of law to enforce against the person to whom the possession of the goods vehicle is so delivered.

(4) Where the person to whom the possession of any requisitioned goods vehicle is to be delivered cannot be found and has no legal agent or other person competent to accept delivery on his behalf, the Collector shall cause a notice declaring that the goods vehicle is released from requisition to be published in the Official Gazette.

(5) When a notice referred to in Sub-section (4) is published in the Official Gazette, the goods vehicle specified in such notice shall cease to be subject to requisition on and from the date of such publication and be deemed to have been delivered to the person entitled to possession thereof and the Government shall not be liable for any amount or other claims in respect of the goods vehicle for any period after the said date.

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