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Section 3   [ View Judgements ]

Removal and prevention of disqualifications

It is hereby declared that the following offices of profit under the Government shall not disqualify and shall be deemed never to have disqualified, the holders thereof for being chosen as, and for being members of the Orissa Legislative Assembly, namely:

(i) office of members of the Regional Posts and Telegraphs Advisory Committee, Local Advisory Committee (Railway) and any other Committee, Board, Tribunal or Commission, office for advising Government or for performance of any special duty and such other like offices the holders of which being appointed by Government are allowed daily allowance not exceeding twenty rupees per day besides receiving any other compensatory allowance: Provided that such holders of office are not paid any fee or remuneration other than any compensatory allowance;

(ii) the office of a Parliamentary Secretary to a Minister if and when it is created;

[1] [(iii) any office in the National Cadet Corps or the Territorial Army;]

(iv) [2] [membership of the Statutory Bodies constituted under the Employees' State Insurance Act, 1948 (34 of 1948);

(v) persons in the employ of an insurer the management of whose controlled business has vested in the Central Government under the Life Insurance (Emergency Provisions) Act, 1956 (9 of 1956)].


1. Inserted by the Orissa Offices of Profit (Removal of Disqualifications) (Amendment) Act, 1954 (Orissa Act X of 1954), Section 2.

2. Inserted by the Orissa Offices of Profit (Removal of Disqualifications) (Amendment) Act, 1956 (Orissa Act 20 of 1956), Section 2.

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