Section 3   [ View Judgements ]

Extension of term of office and validation

Notwithstanding anything contained in the Municipal Act,-

(a) the term of office of the nominated Chairman and members of each of the Notified Area Councils specified in Column (I) of the Schedule who were validly in office on the date as mentioned against such Council in Column (2) thereof shall be deemed to have been extended till the date mentioned against it in Column (3) thereof: and

(b) all actions taken, things done or orders passed consistently with the provisions of the Municipal Act by each such Notified Area Council as referred to in Clause (a) and by the Chairman thereof during the period mentioned against each such Council in Column (4) of the Schedule, under the belief or purported belief that the term of members and the Chairman of such Council was validly extended, shall, for all intents and purposes, be deemed to have been validly taken, done or passed, as the case may be, and no such action, thing or order shall be called in question in any Court of law or otherwise open to challenge merely on the ground that the term of office of such members and the Chairman were nut validly extended.

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