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Children's home

(1) The Government may establish and maintain as many childrens homes as may be necessary for the reception of neglected children under this Act.

(2) When the Government is of opinion that any institution other than a childrens home established under Sub-section (1) is fit for the reception of neglected children under this Act they may certify such institution as a childrens home under this Act.

(3) Every childrens home to which a neglected child is sent under this Act shall not only provide the child with accommodation, maintenance and facilities for education but also provide him with facilities for the development of his character and abilities and give him necessary training for protecting himself against moral dangers or exploitation and shall also perform such other functions as may be prescribed to ensure all-round growth and development of his personality.

(4) The Government may, by rules made under this Act provide for the management of childrens home including the standard and the nature of services to be maintained by them and the circumstances under which and the manner in which the certificate of a childrens home may be granted or withdrawn.

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