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Enquiry by the Board

(1) When a person alleged to be a neglected child is produced before a Board, it shall examine the police officer or the authorised person who brought the child or made the report and record the substance of such examination and hold inquiry in the prescribed manner and may make such order in relation to the child as it may deem fit.

(2) Where a Board is satisfied on enquiry that-a child is a neglected child and that it is expedient so to deal with him, the Board may make an order directing the child to be sent to a childrens home for the period until he ceases to be a child:

Provided that the Board may, for reasons to be recorded extend the period of such stay, but in no case the period of stay shall extend beyond the time when the child attains the age of eighteen years in the case of a boy or twenty years in the case of a girl:

Provided further that the Board may, if it is satisfied that having regard to the circumstances of the case it is expedient so to do for reasons to be recorded, reduce the period of stay to such period as it thinks fit.

(3) During the pendency of any inquiry regarding a child the child shall, unless be is kept with his parent or guardian, be sent to an observation home of a place of safety for such period as may be specified in the order of the Board:

Provided that no child shall be kept with his parent or guardian, if in the opinion of the Board such parent or guardian is unfit or unable to exercise or does not exercise proper care and control over the child.

Notes - Section 11-This section is similar to Section 15 of the Central Act.

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