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Section 4   [ View Judgements ]

Recovery of cost

(1) The cost incurred in the construction or improvement of any public embankment may be recovered, in whole or in part, as the State Government may deem fit, from the persons who are benefited or are likely to be benefited thereby.

(2) If two or more persons are benefited or are likely to be benefited by such construction or improvement, the Collector shall apportion the cost thereof among them in the prescribed manner and so far as practicable in the same proportion as the area benefited and owned by each of such persons respectively bears to the total area so benefited.

(3) All costs under this section shall be payable in equal installments on such days as the Revenue Commissioner or the Commissioner, Northern Division, as the case may be, shall direct :

Provided that no installment shall exceed eight annas for every acre of land in respect of which the same is payable and that not more than four installments shall be payable in any one year :

Provided further that when a new embankment is constructed and the cost incurred in the construction has already been realised therefor no cost on account of improvement of such embankment, effected within ten years after the completion of the construction, shall be realised from the persons benefited or are likely to be benefited thereby.

(4) Installment or installments remaining unpaid in any year shall be recovered at the expiry of the year as an arrear of land revenue.

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