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Section 3   [ View Judgements ]

Initiation of proceedings and hearing of objections

(1) Whenever the State Government decides that construction or improvement of any public embankment for the prevention or control of flood should he undertaken, a notice to that effect shall be published in the prescribed manner inviting objections, if any, from the persons likely to be affected by the project.

(2) If objections are received, a date, which shall not be less than fifteen days after the exp(sic)ation of the prescribed period, shall be fixed by the Collector for hearing the objections received during the said period relating to the proposed work. The Collector shall hear the objections on the date appointed or on any subsequent date to which the hearing may be adjourned and hold such inquiry as he thinks fit.

(3) After holding the inquiry referred to in Sub-section (2) the Collector shall forward a report on the objections to the State Government.

(4) After receipt of the report and in all cases before the construction or improvement is undertaken, the State Government shall cause an examination of the proposed work to be made by the Chief Engineer (irrigation) or any other officer specially authorised in this behalf by the State Government.

(5) The State Government after considering the report of the Collector and the recommendation of the Commissioner, if any, and the report under Sub-section (4) may, by notification, direct that the proposed work shall not be executed or that shall be executed with such modifications, if any, as the State Government may specify therein.

(6) At any time after the publication of the notification under Sub-section (5) the State Government may, by further notification direct that the proposed work shall not be executed or that it shall be executed with such further modifications as may be specified in that notification.

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