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Section 2   [ View Judgements ]


In this Act, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context,-

(1) "Collector" means the Collector of a district and shall include an Additional District Magistrate and any other officer specially appointed by the State Government to perform the functions of a Collector under this Act;

(2) "embankment" includes (a) every bank, dam, wall and dyke made or used for excluding water from, or for retaining water upon any land; (b) every sluice, spur, groyne, training-wall or other work annexed to, or portion of any such embankment ; and (c) every bank, dam, dyke, wall, groyne or spur made or erected for the protection of any such embankment or of any land from erosion or overflow by or of rivers, tides, waves or waters;

(3) "improvement" used with reference to an embankment shall mean any work which adds to or alters such embankment in a manner directly more beneficial to the purpose for which it was constructed and includes the renewal of such works, or alterations therein or additions thereto;

(4) "public embankment" means an embankment maintained by the State Government;

(5) "prescribed" means prescribed by rules made by the State Government under this Act.

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