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Preservation of Private Forests

(1) (a) No owner of any forest shall without the previous sanction of the State Government or any officer authorized by them in this behalf, sell, mortgage, lease or otherwise alienate the whole or any portion of the forest.

Explanation – (a) Nothing in this clause shall be constituted as preventing the owner from selling or otherwise dealing with the right to gather and remove forest produce other than trees and timber in the usual or customary manner.

(b) Any alienation made in contravention of clause (a) shall be null and void.

(2) No owner of any forest or, any person claiming under him, whether by virtue of a contact, license or any other transaction entered into before or after the commencement of this Act, shall without the previous permission of the State Government or any officer authorized by then in this behalf, cut trees or do any act likely to denude the forester diminish in its utility as a forest:

Provided that nothing in this sub section shall apply 2[***] or any act done for the usual or customary domestic purpose or making agricultural implements.

(3) The permission refereed to in sub section (2) may be granted either in any particular case or generally with reference to a specified forest or in respect of class of trees there in.

(5) If the opinion of the State Government, it is necessary for the preservation of the forest they may, by notification prohibit or regulate the doing of any act likely to be detrimental to the preservation of such forest.

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