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Section 2   [ View Judgements ]

The Agricultural year and its commencement

It is hereby declared that with effect from the date of commencement of this Act—

(а) the year commencing on the first day of April shall be the agricultural year, any­thing in any law to the contrary notwith­standing;

(b) all references in any law to a fasli year, amli year or revenue year or any other agricul­tural year, howsoever defined, designated or locally known, and all such references, in the absence of an intention to the contrary, in any contract, deed or instru­ment shall be construed as references to the year specified in clause (a).

Explanation— "Law” includes any rule, order, notification, practice, custom and usage having the force of law.

(Inserted by the Orissa Agricultural Year (Amendment) Act, 1964 (Or. Act 16 of 1964), S. 2)

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