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Proceedings of the Executive Committee

(1) Every meeting of the Executive Committee shall be presided over by the Chairperson. Provided that in the absence of the Chairperson the Executive Committee shall elect a Chairman to preside over the meeting.

(2) One-half of the total members of the Executive Committee present in the meeting shall constitute the quorum provided that no quorum shall be necessary in respect of any adjourned meeting.

(3) Not less than seven days notice for every meeting of the Executive Committee shall be given to each member of the said Committee, provided that the Chairperson may call an emergency meeting if the situation so warrants.

(4) Any inadvertent omission to give notice to or the non-receipt of notice of any meeting by any member shall not invalidate the proceedings of the meeting.

(5) The Executive Committee shall meet as and when necessary but at least once in every month.

(6) All disputed issues in the Executive Committee meetings shall be determined by vote among members.

(7) Any member who is unable to attend the Executive Committee meeting may send his views on the agenda in writing and such expression of opinion shall be taken to be his vote on the matter concerned.

(8) The Executive Committee shall refer any issue for the advice or recommendation to a Sub-Committee constituted by it for the purpose and the Executive Committee shall have the right to override the recommendation or advice given by the Sub-Committee and in doing so, it shall record reasons thereof

(9) The Annual General Body Meeting of the Executive Committee shall be conducted every year and the audited accounts of the previous year and the budget for the current year shall be presented, discussed and approved.

(10) The Minutes of the proceedings of the Executive Committee meetings shall be recorded and such minutes after due approval shall be issued by the Secretary.

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