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Governing Body of the Foundation

(1) The Tiger Reserve State shall have a governing body for giving overall policy guidance and direction to the Tiger Conservation Foundation. 

(2) The Governing Body of the Tiger Conservation Foundation shall consist of the 

(3) A member of the Governing Body shall, upon ceasing to be a Member of Legislative Assembly or, as the case may be, the District Panchayat, cease to be a member of the Governing Body. 

(4) The tenure of nominated member shall be for a period of three years from the date of his nomination. 

(5) The Governing Body shall have the following powers and perform the following functions, namely:- 

(a) Make over all policy of the Foundation in consonance with the provisions of the Act; 

(b) Consider and approve the balance sheet and audited accounts of the Foundation; 

(c) Consider and approve the Annual Report of the Foundation; 

(d) Approve the work plan, fund flow, Annual Budget of the Foundation; 

(e) Make amendment in the deed of trust, which may be necessary, subject to the approval of the Government; 

(f) Approve the "Operations Manual" of the Foundation; 

(g) Coordinate between different departments and other institutions and non Governmental organisations to achieve the objectives of the Foundation; 

(h) Frame rules and regulations under the provisions of the trust of deed for managing the affairs of the Foundation; 

(i) Take all policy decisions regarding fund raising, investment and budget of the Foundation; 


Minister in-charge of Wildlife in the State Government



Principal Secretary or the Secretary, as the case may be, of the Forests Department to that Government

Vice President


Principal Chief Conservator of Forests



Field Director of the Tiger Reserve



Deputy Director of the Tiger Reserve



two prominent scientists or qualified experts in the field(to be nominated by that Government)



Member of Legislative Assembly, who represent the concern area in the State Legislative Assembly



representative of the District Panchayat having jurisdiction over the Tiger Reserve area



two members of the Executive Committee of the Foundation (other than the Field Directors/Deputy Directors)



Chief Wildlife Warden


following members, namely:- 

(j) Suspend, terminate or effect any other procedures on any Project or activity undertaken by the Foundation; and 

(k) Perform such other functions as may necessary to achieve the objectives of the trust. 

(6)The meetings of the Governing Body shall be held in the following manner, namely:- (i) the meetings of the Governing Body shall be held at least once in a year preferably in the first month of the financial year; 

(ii) every meeting of the Governing Body shall be called in writing by and under the signature of the Member-Secretary of the Governing Body through a prior notice of fifteen days containing a summary of the business to be transacted in such meeting;

(iii) any inadvertent omission to give notice to, or the non-receipt of notice of any meeting by, any member shall not invalidate the proceedings of the meeting; 

(iv) if the President is not present in the meeting of the Governing Body, the Vice-President shall preside over the meeting; 

(v) one third of the members of the Governing Body present shall form the quorum of the Governing Body provided that no quorum shall be necessary in respect of any adjourned meeting;' 

(vi) all disputes in a meeting shall be determined by the division of vote; 

(vii) the member who is unable to attend the Governing Body meeting may send his views on the agenda in writing and such expression of opinion shall be taken to be his vote on the matter concerned; and 

(viii) the minutes of this proceedings of the meeting shall be recorded and such minutes after approved and signed by the Member Secretary, Governing Body shall be the conclusive proof of the business transacted in the meeting. 

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