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Aim and Objectives of the Trust

(1) The aim of the Foundation shall be to facilitate and support the tiger reserve management for conservation of tiger and biodiversity, through multi-stakeholder participation as per approved management plans, and to support similar initiatives in adjoining landscapes, consistent with the national and state legislations.

(2) For the furtherance of the said objectives, the functions of the Foundation shall be undertaken through the implementing agency and its staff and or sponsored or supported by it or through other institutions, agencies or individuals collaborated by the implementing agency.

(3) To achieve the above said aim, the Foundation shall have the following objectives, namely.-

(a) To facilitate ecological, economic, social and cultural development in the tiger reserve and adjoining landscape;

(b) To provide support to safeguard the natural environment in the tiger reserve and relevant places;

(c) To facilitate the creation of, and or maintenance of such assets as felt necessary for fulfilling the above said objectives;

(d) To solicit technical, financial, social and other support required for the activities of the Foundation for achieving the above said objectives from different sources permitted by law;

(e) To support ecotourism, development, research, environmental education, training, management and advisory aspects in the above and related fields to support the implementing agency; and

(f) Anything incidental or ancillary to the above for furthering the above said objectives.

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