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In these guidelines, unless the context otherwise requires-

(a) "Act" means the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972 (53 of 1972) ;

(b) "Executive Committee" means an executive committee of the Foundation constituted by its trust of deed;

(c) "Foundation" means the Tiger Conservation Foundation established under section 38Xof the Act;

(d) "Governing Body" means governing body of the Foundation as constituted by its trust of deed;

(e) "Implementing agency" means a tiger reserve notified under section 38V of this Act or a reserve already notified by the State Government under Project Tiger Scheme;

(f) "Operations Manual" means the administrative; code of the Foundation approved by the State Government;

(g) "Rules of the Foundation" means the approved trust of deed and Operations Manual of the Foundation;

(h) "Staff" means any employee of the Foundation appointed by appropriate authority and shall include consultants, professionals engaged on contract, staff on deputation, daily wage workers, etc.; (i) "State Government" means the State Government of the Tiger Reserve State; (j) "Tiger Conservation Authority" means the National Tiger Conservation Authority Constituted under section 38L of the Act; (k) "tiger reserve" means the areas notified as such under section 38V, apart from those already notified by State Governments under Project Tiger Scheme; (l) "tiger reserve state" means a state having tiger reserve.

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