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Section 8   [ View Judgements ]

Conditions for grant of recognition

(1) An institution must fulfill all the prescribed conditions related to norms and standards as prescribed by the NCTE for conducting the course or training in teacher education. These norms, inter alia, cover conditions relating to financial resources, accommodation, library, laboratory, other physical infrastructure, qualified staff including teaching and non-teaching personnel, etc.

(2) In the first instance, an institution shall be considered for grant of recognition for only one course for the basic unit as prescribed in the norms & standards for the particular teacher education programme. An institution can apply for one basic unit of an additional course from the subsequent academic session. However, application for not more than one additional course can be made in a year.

(3) An institution shall be permitted to apply for enhancement of course wise intake in teacher education courses already approved, after completion of three academic sessions of running the respective courses.

(4) An institution shall be permitted to apply for enhancement of intake in Secondary Teacher Education Programme - B.Ed. & B.P.Ed. Programme, if it has accredited itself with the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with a Letter Grade B developed by NAAC.

(5) An institution that has been granted additional intake in B.Ed, and B.P.Ed, teacher training courses after promulgation of the Regulations, 2005 i.e. 13.1.2006 shall have to be accredited itself with the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with a Letter Grade B under the new grading system developed by NAAC before 1st April, 2010 failing which the additional intake granted shall stand withdrawn w.e.f. the academic session 2010-2011.

(6) All the applications for additional intake in B.Ed. and B.P.Ed. received on or before the date of this notification in the Gazette of India shall be considered as per the provisions of the Regulations 2005 notified on 13-1-06. However, the provisions of Regulation 8(5) above shall also be applicable to them.

(7) No institution shall be granted recognition under these regulations unless it is in possession of required land on the date of application. The land free from all encumbrances could be either on ownership basis or on lease from Government/Govt institutions for a period of not less than 30 years. In cases where under relevant State/UT laws the maximum permissible lease period is less than 30 years, the State Governrnent/UT Administration law shall prevail. However, no building could be taken on lease for running any teacher training course.

(8) The institution/society shall furnish an affidavit in the prescribed form on Rs. 100 stamp paper duly attested by Oath Commissioner/Notary Public stating the precise location of the land (village, district, state etc.), the total area in possession and the permission of the competent authority to use the land for educational purposes, mode of possession i.e. ownership or lease, in case of Government institutions, the said affidavit shall be furnished by the Principal or the Head of the Institution or any other higher authority. The affidavit shall be accompanied with the certified copy of land ownership/lease documents.

(9) The affidavit shall be relied upon by the Regional Committee as an authentic self-declaration. The copy of the affidavit shall be displayed by the institution on its official website so as to make the self-declaration available in public domain. In case the contents of the affidavit are found to be incorrect or false, the society/trust or the institution concerned shall be liable for action under the relevant provisions of Indian Penal Code and other relevant laws.

(10) At the time of inspection, the building of the institution shall be complete in the form of a permanent structure on the land possessed by the institution in terms of Regulation 8(7), equipped with all necessary amenities and fulfilling ail such requirements as prescribed in the norms and standards. The applicant institution shall produce the original completion certificate, approved building plan in proof of the completion of building and built up area and other documents to the Visiting Team for verification. No temporary structure/asbestos roofing shall be allowed.

(11) In case of change of premises, prior approval of the Regional Committee concerned shall be necessary, which could be accorded after due inspection of the institution at the new site. The change can be permitted to a site which, if applied initially, could have qualified for establishment of an institution as per prescribed norms of NOTE. The change shall be displayed on website thereafter. The application for change of premises shall be accompanied by a demand draft of Rs. 40,000/- of a Nationalized Bank drawn in favour of the Member Secretary, NCTE and payable at the city where the Regional Committee is located. Similar procedure would be applicable in case of change of management/society/trust etc. excluding change of Management Committee as per registered by-laws of the management/society/trust.

(12) An institution shall make admission only after it obtains order of recognition from the Regional Committee concerned under Regulation 7(11), and affiliation from the examining body.

(13) Whenever there are changes in the norms and standards for the course or training in teacher education, the institution shall comply with the requirements laid down in the revised norms and standards immediately but not later than the date of commencement of the next academic session, subject to conditions prescribed in the revised norms.

(14) An institution shall have latest copies of all relevant Acts, Rules and Regulations of NCTE, Central and State/ UT Govts., affiliating/ examining bodies, and other Central/ State/ UT authorities, relevant to the running of an educational institution, currently in force. The institution shall make all the information/ documents available to the NCTE or its authorised representatives as and when demanded by them. Failure to produce/ show any of these documents, shall be treated as a breach of the conditions for recognition.

(15) The institution shall maintain records/ registers and other documents etc., which are essential for running of an educational institution especially those prescribed in the relevant norms and standards and guidelines/ Instructions/ rules etc. of the Central/ State/ UT Govts, affiliating/examining bodies.

(16) The institution shall adhere to the mandatory disclosure in the prescribed format and display up-to-date information on its official website.

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