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Section 7   [ View Judgements ]

Processing of Applications

(1) The applicant institutions shall ensure submission of applications complete in all respects. However, in order to cover the inadvertent omissions or deficiencies in documents, the office of the Regional Committee shall point out the deficiencies within 30 days of receipt of the applications, which the applicants shall remove within 90 days. No application shall be processed if the processing fees of Rs. 40, 000/- is not submitted and such applications would be returned to the applicant institutions.

(2) Simultaneously, on receipt of application, a written communication alongwith a copy of the application form submitted by the institution(s) shall be sent by the office of Regional Committees to the State Government/U.T. Administration concerned.

(3) On receipt of the communication, the State Government/UT Administration concerned shall furnish its recommendations on the applications to the office of the Regional Committee concerned of the National Council for Teacher Education within 60 days from receipt. If the recommendation is negative, the State Government/UT Administration shall provide detailed reasons/grounds thereof with necessary statistics, which shall be taken into consideration by the Regional Committee concerned while deciding the application. If no communication is received from the State Government/UT Administration within the stipulated 60 days, it shall be presumed that the State Government/UT Administration concerned has no recommendation to make.

(4) After removal of all the deficiencies and to the satisfaction of the Regional Committee concerned, the inspection of infrastructure, equipments, instructional facilities etc. of an institution shall be conducted by a team of experts called Visiting Team (VT) with a view to assessing the level of preparedness of the institution to commence the course. Inspection would be subject to the consent of the institution and submission of the self-attested copy of the completion certificate of the building. Such inspection, as far as administratively and logistically possible, shall be in the chronological order of the date of receipt of the consent of the institution. In case the consent from more, than one institution is received on the same day, alphabetical order may be followed. The inspection shall be conducted within 30 days of receipt of the consent of the institution.

(5) At the time of the visit of the team of experts to an institution, the institution concerned shall arrange for the inspection to be videographed in a manner that all important infrastructural and instructional facilities are videographed along with interaction with the management and the staff (if available). The visiting teams, as far as possible, shall finalize and courier their reports alongwith the video tapes on the same day.

(6) The application and the report alongwith the video tapes/CDs etc of the Visiting Team shall be placed before the Regional Committee concerned for consideration and appropriate decision.

(7) The Regional Committee shall decide grant of recognition or permission to an institution only after satisfying itself that the institution fulfills all the conditions prescribed by the NCTE under the NCTE Act, , Rules or Regulations, including, inter alia, the norms and standards laid down for the relevant teacher education programme/course.

(8) In the matter of grant of recognition, the Regional Committees shall strictly act within the ambit of the National Council for Teacher Education Act, 1993 , the National Council for Teacher Education Rules, 1997 as amended from time to time and the regulations made under the NCTE Act, 1993 including the norms and standards for various teacher education programmes and shall not make any relaxation thereto. The Regional Directors, who is the convener of the Regional Committee, while putting up the proposals to the Regional Committee, shall ensure that the correct provisions in the NCTE Act , Rules and Regulations including Norms and Standards for various Teacher Education Programmes are brought to the notice of the Regional Committee to enable the Regional Committee to take appropriate decisions.

(9) The institution concerned shall be informed, through a letter, of the decision for grant of recognition or permission subject to appointment of qualified faculty members before the commencement of the academic session. The letter issued under this clause shall not be notified in the Gazette. The faculty shall be appointed on the recommendations of the Selection Committee duly constituted as per the policy of the State Govt/Central Govt/University/UGC or the concerned affiliating body, as the case may be. The applicant institution shall submit an affidavit in the prescribed form that the Selection Committee has been constituted as stated above. A separate staff list with the details would be submitted in the prescribed form. The Regional Committee would rely on the above affidavit and the staff list before processing the case for grant of formal recognition.

(10) All the applicant institutions shall launch their own website soon after the receipt of the letter from the Regional Committee under Regulation 7(9) covering, inter alia, the details of the institution, its location, name of the course applied for with intake, availability of physical infrastructure (land, building, office, classrooms, and other facilities/amenities), instructional facilities (laboratory, library etc.) and the particulars of their proposed teaching and non-teaching staff etc. with photographs, for information of all concerned.

(11) The institution concerned, after appointing the requisite faculty/staff as per Regulation 7(9) above and fulfilling the conditions under Regulation 7(10) above shall formally inform the Regional Committee concerned alongwith the requisite affidavit and staff list. The Regional Committee concerned shall then issue a formal recognition order that shall be notified as per provision of the NCTE Act .

(12) In cases where the Regional Committee, after consideration of the report or the Visiting Team, is of the opinion that the institution does not fulfill the requirements for starting/conducting the course or for enhancement of intake, such an institution will be allowed one more opportunity for removal of the deficiencies. In case an inspection is considered desirable by the Regional Committee, the institution concerned shall again deposit a fee of Rs. 40,000 to the Regional Committee concerned through a demand draft from any Nationalized Bank drawn in the favour of the Member Secretary, NCTE payable at the city where the Regional Committee is located. However, no such fee is required , if the deficiencies pointed out are minor in nature not involving civil construction or the like and the rectifications are verifiable without physical inspection. The decision of the Regional Committee shall be final in this regard.

(13) The reports of inspection of the institutions along with the names of the Visiting Team Experts shall be made available on the official website of the Regional Committee concerned after the same have been considered by the Regional Committee.

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