Section 313   [ View Judgements ]

Prohibition of deposit, etc., of things in streets

(1) No person shall, except with the written permission of the Commissioner,-

(a) place or deposit upon any street or upon any open channel, drain of well in any streets [1] [or in any public place] any stall, chair, bench, box, ladder, bale or other thing so as to form an obstruction thereto or encroachment thereon;

(b) project, at a height of less than twelve feet from the surface of the street, any board, or shelf, beyond the line of the plinth of any building, over any street, or over any open channel, drain, well or tank in any street;

(c) attach to, or suspend from, any wall or portion of a building abutting on a street, at a less height than aforesaid, anything whatever.

(2) Nothing in clause (a) applies to building materials.


1. These words were inserted by Bombay 19 of 1930, s. 13.

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