Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Commission Regulations, 1991

Section Title
  1. Short title and commencement
  2. Definitions
  3. Language of the Commission
  4. Language of application and reference, etc
  5. Translation of documents
  6. Commission's Office
  7. Adjournment of hearings
  8. Ex parte hearings
  9. Pleadings before the Commission
  10. Inspection and certified copies of documents, papers, etc
  11. Reports, orders or judgements of the Commission
  12. Extension of time prescribed
  13. Effect of non-compliance and, application of Code of Civil Procedure to matters not provided
  14. Service of notice or other documents
  15. Costs
  16. Enforcement of orders passed by the Commission
  17. Order of investigation and its effect
  18. Submission of preliminary investigation report
  19. Action on preliminary investigation report
  20. Further investigation by the Director General, etc
  21. Enquiry on the basis of preliminary investigation report
  22. Enquiry into monopolistic trade practice on the basis of preliminary investigation report
  23. To represent the Commission before Supreme Court or High Court
  24. Filing of application before the Director General
  25. Filing of application by Director General for seeking directions of Commission
  26. Disposal of the Director General's application by the Commission
  27. Mode of Investigations
  28. References received under sections 21, 22, 23, 27 and 27A of the Act
  29. .-
  30. .-
  31. Exemption from sections 39 to 40
  32. Application to contain necessary evidence
  33. Application by more than one person
  34. Common application
  35. Separate application for each class of goods
  36. Issue of notice, etc
  37. Representations
  38. Preliminary hearing
  39. Investigation by Director General, etc
  40. Directions
  41. Service of notice of hearing
  42. Final hearing
  43. Interlocutory order
  44. Final order
  45. Complaint under section 10(a)(i)
  46. Reference by Government
  47. Application by Director General
  48. Copies of complaint, reference, etc
  49. Signing of the pleading, etc
  50. Proceedings before the Commission
  51. Notice of Enquiry
  52. Notice may relate to a number of agreements or trade practices
  53. Notice to bear the Commission's seal
  54. Service of Notice
  55. Service of notice on a trade association
  56. Publication of notice of enquiry and orders passed by the Commission
  57. Persons having common interest
  58. Appearance of parties
  59. Reply to the notice
  60. Notice for inspection of documents by Director General
  61. Filing of pleadings
  62. The Commission may strike out the whole or part of the pleadings
  63. Amendment in proceedings
  64. Joiner of the parties
  65. Application for directions
  66. Admission of documents by a party in enquiry proceedings
  67. Interlocutory applications
  68. Proving of facts
  69. Scientific, technical and statistical information
  70. Final hearing
  71. Determination of issue in a summary way
  72. Directions in case of determination of issues in a summary way
  73. Calling of comments on complaints
  74. Final Orders
  75. Inquiries into unfair trade practices
  76. Temporary injunction
  77. Application for compensation
  78. Review application
  79. Rectification of errors

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