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Reception facilities and cargo unloading terminal arrangements

(1) The Central Government shall ensure the provision of reception facilities according to the needs of ships using its ports, terminals or repair ports as follows, namely:-

(a) ports and terminals involved in ships' cargo handling shall have adequate facilities for the reception of residues and mixtures containing such residues of noxious liquid substances resulting from compliance with these rules, without undue delay for the ships involved;

(b) ship repair ports undertaking repairs to NLS tankers shall provide facilities adequate for the reception of residues and mixtures containing noxious liquid substances for ships calling at that port.

(2) The Central Government shall determine the types of facilities provided for the purpose of sub-rule (1) at each cargo loading and unloading port, terminal and ship repair port in its territories and notify the Organization thereof.

(3) The Central Government, collectively with the State Party or Parties, the coastlines of which border on any given special area, shall agree and establish a date, by which time, the requirement of sub-rule (1) shall be fulfilled and from which date the requirements of rule 13 in respect of such special area shall take effect, and notify the Organization of the date so established, at least six months in advance of that date, for enabling the Organization to promptly notify all State Parties of that date.

(4) The Central Government shall undertake to ensure that cargo unloading terminals shall provide arrangements to facilitate stripping of cargo tanks of ships unloading noxious liquid substances at these terminals:

Provided that cargo hoses and piping systems of the terminal, containing noxious liquid substances received from ships unloading these substances at the terminal, shall not be drained back to the ship.

(5) The Central Government shall notify the Organization, for transmission to the State Parties concerned, of any case where facilities required under sub-rule (1) or arrangements required under sub-rule (3) are alleged to be inadequate.

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