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Cargo record book

(1) Every ship to which these rules apply shall be provided with a Cargo Record Book, whether as part of the ship's official logbook or otherwise, in Form-III.

(2) After completion of any operation specified in the Form-III, the operation shall be promptly recorded in the Cargo Record Book.

(3) In the event of an accidental discharge of a noxious liquid substance or a mixture containing such a substance or a discharge under the provisions of rule 3. an entry shall be made in the Cargo Record Book stating the circumstances of. and the reason for. such discharge.

(4) Each entry, shall be signed by the officer or officers in charge of the operation concerned and each page shall be signed by the master of the ship and the entries in the Cargo Record Book for ships holding an International Certificate or an Indian Certificate referred to in rule 9 or a certificate referred to in rule 7 shall be in English at least:

Provided that where entries in an official national language of the State whose flag the ship is entitled to fly is also used, this shall prevail in the case of a dispute or discrepancy.

(5) The Cargo Record Book shall be kept in such a place as to be readily available for inspection and, except in the case of unmanned ships under tow, shall be kept on board the ship and it shall be retained for a period of three years after the last entry has been made.

(6) The authority authorised by the Central Government may inspect the Cargo Record Book on board any ship to which these rules apply while the ship is in its port, and may make a copy of any entry in that book and may require the master of the ship to certify that the copy is a true copy of such entry and such copy shall be made admissible in any judicial proceedings as evidence of the facts stated therein:

Provided that the inspection of a Cargo Record Book and the taking of a certified copy by the said authority shall be performed as expeditiously as possible without causing the ship to be unduly delayed.

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