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Duties and functions of project authority

It shall be the duty of the project authority, -

(a) to carry out such work for providing the necessary civic amenities in a new gaothan or extension of an existing gaothan as the case may be, established for rehabilitation of affected persons, as may be entrusted to it by the State Government or the Commissioner or the Collector;

(b) to take measures for the speedy rehabilitation of the affected persons under the overall supervision and guidance of the Collector;

(c) subject to any reservations validly made and subject to availability of posts, to give highest priority in Class III and Class IV category of service on the project establishment, to one member of the affected family nominated by the affected person, if such member is eligible for such employment according to the recruitment rules for such posts :

Provided that, while recruiting a member of the affected family, against such quota, the project authority shall, as far as possible, employ not less than fifty per cent of such nominees who are affected by the project under execution, as may be prescribed;

Explanation:-For the purpose, of this clause the expression "family" means the spouse, son married or unmarried daughter or brother or sister or daughter-in-law or grand son, or grand-daughter (which includes son or daughter of the daughter also) of the affected person, or adopted son or daughter who is residing with and is dependent on such affected person.

(d) to prepare or cause to be prepared annual budget for providing funds for the civic amenity works to be provided in a new gaothan or extension of an existing gaothan established for the rehabilitation of affected persons;

(e) to furnish to the Commissioner and to the Collector, during the various stages of planning and execution of the project, information and plans in regard to the affected and benefited zone of the project, as may be required for assessing the extent of the land and other facilities required to be provided to the affected persons for their rehabilitation;

(f) to execute an agreement with the beneficiary to abide by the provisions of section 10 as may be prescribed.

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